Banana Bread Nutritional Values

If you are making home made banana bread you might ask yourself what are the nutritional values of banana bread? In one serving you will find (approximately):

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Banana Bread

What is banana bread you ask? Since it is one of the most popular "breads" there might not be a lot of people asking that but still :) if you are asking "What is banana bread?" you came to the right place.

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Going bananas over banana bread

A delicious and healthy snack, banana bread has been with us ever since we were children. To know more about this scrumptious dish, read the following article.

There are two things that come to mind when someone mentions banana bread; 1) banana and 2) bread. Bread has existed for centuries ever since the Neolithic times. Primitive men crush grains using stones and mixed them with water. Then, they spread the mixture on rocks placed on hot ashes.

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